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Almost unpatriotic look at the All Blacks victory in 2011 by Jared Grellet (0)
The Rugby World Cup (RWC) has come to an end and after winning it for the first time since 1987, the All Blacks can unloosen the 'choker' tag from around its neck and an entire nation can now contemplate what they will complain about when they go to their local pub on a Friday night, given that their problems from the previous 24 years are now solved.
Sun Cup Teams (0)
Sun Cup Teams
Project Touch Ball Touch Life (0)
Implementation of the project „Touch Ball-Touch Life” started in November 2009 in Siauliai region (LT) and Zemgale region (LV). The project is implemented within the framework of Latvia-Lithuania Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

Latvia celebrates 50 years in style (0)
Rugby players young and old turned out on Saturday to join in the celebration of 50 years of Latvian rugby.
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